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Atari is moving towards online gambling

Atari is moving towards online gambling

Fred Chesnais, the CEO of Atari, wants to revive the cult brand. To do this he wants to position its business in the mobile and online gaming market. In partnership with start-up companies FlowPlay and PariPlay and their teams, the creation of the Atari Casino can commence, and they will develop a slot machine that is based on the classic video game Asteroids.

A pioneer of video games

For gamers of a certain age the name Atari evokes emotions of nostalgia. In the 1970s and 1980s the group established themselves as one of the pioneers in the industry by developing Pong, the first successful arcade game on the Atari 2600 console. When business slowed down in the 90s, the brand had made several attempts of regaining their success, before they disappeared completely in the 2000s. Today it does no longer represent the younger generation. The ambition of Fred Chesnais, the new CEO of Atari, is now to revive this legendary brand.

A conversion to Internet and mobile devices

Games will always be the main focus of Atari, but the idea of a new direction of the company is targeting markets of online and mobile gaming. In this area, the company is particularly interested in gambling. It is still illegal in the US at the moment, but the sector is increasingly liberalised in Europe, where it is met with great success. Fred Chesnais now wants to position the company in this market. To do this, Atari is currently partnering with the start-up companies FlowPlay and Pariplay. The first task is to design an online casino in the colours of Atari. The second task will focus on creating games. The first one will be an adaptation of the classic Asteroids game as a slot machine.

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