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Bingo is a game of numbers close to Lotto. Very convivial, it has already won the heart of many fans around the world. In general, players want a pleasant entertainment than walking away with fortunes. Bingo is increasingly found on the Internet, where there are many virtual rooms dedicated to it.

There are two main types of Bingo: 75 balls and 90 balls. In either case, each player has a card on which they should check the numbers as and when they are drawn and then announced. To win you have to get a game model meaning, a winning symbol consisting of the numbers of boxes that are already out. There are various models of the game, more or less complex to obtain. The simplest consists of straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The most common pattern is the coverall, which you must fill all your cardboard to win. In all cases, if you manage to get the appropriate form of the game, you have to shout bingo. The game ends and you receive your winnings. If another player announces bingo at the same time, you will share the money.

Online, everything is automated. You will never miss your victory because of a careless mistake. The boxes are automatically checked by software which also announces Bingo for you. Easy to play, bingo is becoming very addictive. Many sites faithfully reproduce the atmosphere that emanates from land based casinos dedicated to this game. These sites offer the advantage of being more profitable than real casinos. Indeed, the payouts are from 95 to 98% against 75% in the real casinos.

Our selection identifies the best virtual bingo room in French. Here you can indulge without fearing the slightest risk. Indeed, the virtual casino that manages it is perfectly secure and very concerned by the quality of service offered.

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